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Hello, we're a geo-search engine and have a "big data lake" of companies, brands, associations, podcasts, influencers, and famous people. Find definitions of words, best-of lists and travel places. Research family surnames, news, stocks, jobs, stats, industry wages. find out more



Our goal is to complete the mission of Google by returning the best single result for any search.


Local search will become increasingly more important out in the future, so we'll be adding geo-searchability for just about everything.


We're a creators platform and therefore we intend to distribute tiny royalties for images, videos, services per usage to their legitimate owners over time in a meaningful business model of microfunding creators and their body of work.

What is a geo-search discovery engine? Find people, places, things with place & location context.


Cyaxares - "King of the Media" (Medes or the Medians) came up, as I was researching modern & ancient history for famous people. X often carries the Z sound in English, so after saying Cyazer out loud (which sounded similar to Caesar) I found the web domain was available to grab. It's hard to find a domain these days for a project, let alone a 6-character web domain as a dot-com! This site has less to do with the philosophy of this person, but more about being a "media king" of the future. Cyazer™ logo is a play on Roman laurel/wreath headdress during the Roman empire times of Augustus and Julius Caesar, including the "peace sign" for cya later as the focalpoint in the middle.

Growing up, I admired my grandfathers business acumen and while sitting in his huge mansion, we'd be watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leach on his big screen TV and I'd dream of being wealthy like him, successful with a big family, traveling the world, driving his Lambo, Rolls Royce, Maserati and other fast/exotic cars. I've been a bit of a genealogical news publisher lately, as I've been fascinated by family trees (or geneaolgy) and enamored with the lives of successful people for most of my adult life. Does that make me a genealogist? I have no idea, but I just love knowledge, history and being a researcher without thinking about money.. so its a true passion!!


Geoverts™ ("geographical adverts") allow you to target customers with hyperlocal search queries.

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